Black Desert: Siege warfare and value packs in the west, naval battles in the east


The PvP game in Black Desert has ramped up with the formal addition of conquest and node warfare. As if you needed an excuse to take a cudgel to your fellow player’s noggin!

Think of the new warfare modes as smaller and larger versions of the same concept. “While node war occurs daily and is a skirmish over single nodes, conquest war is a weekly bloodbath over the control and sovereignty of a vast region,” the team explained yesterday. These fights will be enhanced with the addition of siege mechanics, which include building forts and then things to forcibly dismantle the other side’s forts.

Kakao has also announced a new 30-day value pack bundle that looks for all intents and purposes like a subscription with perks. If you thought people cried “P2W” about the game before, that thread shows you haven’t seen anything yet.

Looking ahead to the future of the western version of Black Desert, over in Korea the game is patching in naval warfare today. Steparu reports that the update not only contains ship battles, but “deep ocean” content, sea monsters, and even a new port to explore.

You can watch the siege and naval warfare videos after the break!

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