Throne & Liberty KR holds its first PvP siege and explains the activity’s mechanics

If you like laying siege to to a big castle with fantasy classes and big stomping rock golems, then you'll probably like what Throne...
Loko otu belwo

New World dives into the mechanics of its factional PvP warfare

War! Huh! Good God, y'all, what is it good for? Capturing the other faction's territory in New World, it seems. While last week we...
and we do a STOMP and a CRUSH and a YELL and a

Crowfall’s September ACE Q&A video tackles siege warfare, ranged combat adjustments, and more

Crowfall Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman are back again for the monthly ACE Q&A video, where they field questions...

E3 2018: Hands-on with ReEvolve, Perfect World’s new mobile sandbox MMORPG

Remember how we learned that Perfect World would be showing off some new games at E3? Well, things happen at conventions like this -...

Siege war game Conqueror’s Blade plans March European test

If leveling and organization get in the way of your true passion in online games -- massive PvP siege warfare -- then allow Conqueror's...

Deep-diving Gloria Victis’ swordplay and siege warfare

We’re in the midst of a sort of sandbox renaissance, with numerous sandbox titles under development and more seeming to scuttle out of the...

EVE Evolved: The Siege of M-0EE8, the new largest battle in gaming history

In the political sandbox of EVE Online, colossal player-run military coalitions frequently war over territorial conflicts, in revenge for past transgressions or just for...
Don't besiege me bro.

Crowfall shows off the workings and creation of a ballista

When your castle is attacked in Crowfall, you have a few options. You could, for example, sit back and cry a bunch. That's time-honored,...

Black Desert: Siege warfare and value packs in the west, naval battles in the east

The PvP game in Black Desert has ramped up with the formal addition of conquest and node warfare. As if you needed an excuse to...

Desert Nomad: Massively OP’s guide to Black Desert’s siege warfare

Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. This week is a pretty big one for Black Desert, as I’m sure you’re all aware....
Candy, my friends! That's what you'll be getting! Delicious candy!

Black Desert Online posts a siege manual ahead of the June 15th siege launch

The current lack of siege warfare in Black Desert Online is good news for people who don't like having random jerks besieging their structures...

Preview: A look inside of ArcheAge’s Ascension launching today

Change is inevitable. And while it can be unnerving, it can also be very beneficial. ArcheAge's fans will see their share of changes today...
Let the crows fall, let them tumble.

Crowfall has kicked off external pre-alpha Siege Perilous testing

You don't know if you like Crowfall yet. Sure, you may have taken part in the Hunger Dome testing, but we're going to let...

Crowfall preps ‘Siege Perilous’ castle siege testing for ‘later this month’

ArtCraft is previewing its next big pre-alpha rollout for Crowfall, codenamed Siege Perilous: the "first phase of testing for some of the initial features...
The hungriest of domes.

Crowfall aims siege warfare at February

If you're enjoying the current round of testing for Crowfall, we have both good news and bad news for you. The bad news is...

The Repopulation brings back sieges and beefs up social features

Sieges are back with a vengeance in The Repopulation. The upcoming sci-fi MMO is rolling out its 15.9.1 patch today, and with it the reintroduction...

Neverwinter’s strongholds are under siege

As of today, Neverwinter's large guild strongholds are prime targets for PvP aggression. Cryptic patched in the new siege system which allows for guilds to...
Somehow I don't think that's going to be a problem.

The Repopulation patches in combat improvements, sets the stage for sieges

Are you not currently part of the The Repopulation's testing but want to check out the game? Good news: You will be able to...
Nothing about snapping to the QB at the ten-yard line, though.

Crowfall video shows off siege concepts

Crowfall's siege mechanics are on display today in a new video highlighting the Artcraft Entertainment's current plans for taking on player-controlled cities. The video...