Neverwinter’s strongholds are under siege


As of today, Neverwinter’s large guild strongholds are prime targets for PvP aggression.

Cryptic patched in the new siege system which allows for guilds to wage large-scale 20v20 battles over strongholds. Stronghold sieges offer multiple avenues of strategy for both attacking and defending teams to keep things from getting too predictable. Throwing a mid-game dragon into the mix probably freshens up the fear factor as well. The new PvP mode isn’t just for huge guilds; smaller groups can team up with others to participate.

Even if you’re not much of a PvP player, the devs said that there are ways that all types of players can contribute to victory: “There are supplies to be collected and delivered to depots and siege points, pack horses to be corralled or stolen, ballistae to be constructed, golems to be hunted for gold, friendly siege engineers to escort, and enemy engineers to raid for supplies.”

Source: Neverwinter
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