If you build it, it will... well, be built, mostly.

Crowfall talks modular strongholds and higher prices

The original plan for Crowfall's strongholds was that each one would be built on a single template. It wasn't the ideal solution for the...
Castle for sale, cheap.

Neverwinter plans to reduce Stronghold costs

The prices on big projects in MMOs can be tricky things. Neverwinter originally priced Strongholds on the high end for two reasons: First, Strongholds...

Neverwinter Strongholds are now available on your Xbox One

Do you have an Xbone? Me too, but I don't play Neverwinter on it. Come to think of it, I don't play Neverwinter at all,...

Talking to Cryptic about Neverwinter’s new Stronghold PvP

We're on the horn with Cryptic Lead Designer Scott Shicoff and Senior Content Designer John Hopler to talk about Neverwinter's brand-new Stronghold siege PvP...

Neverwinter’s strongholds are under siege

As of today, Neverwinter's large guild strongholds are prime targets for PvP aggression. Cryptic patched in the new siege system which allows for guilds to...

The Soapbox: The fun and frustration of SWTOR’s housing system

When I was a kid, I had far too many Star Wars action figures, vehicles, and playsets. And when I say kid, I actually...

Perfect World touts Neverwinter’s Strongholds release

Neverwinter's Strongholds update is officially live. It's the seventh expansion for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMO, and it features customizable guild spaces as well...

Neverwinter’s Stronghold expansion is here, and so are its patch notes

Neverwinter's latest expansion is here, and the fantasy MMO's website is worth clicking on if you're looking for the Stronghold patch notes. If you're...
Definitely not winter here, buddy.

Neverwinter posts the official gameplay trailer for Strongholds

A guild's home is its castle in Neverwinter. Wait, scratch that - it's not its castle yet, but it will totally be its castle...

Neverwinter: Strongholds will launch August 11th

For the past two months, Neverwinter has been all about the next major patch, which will give players the ability to band together, take...

Neverwinter’s guild keeps will require blood, sweat, and gears

Cryptic is incredibly excited about Neverwinter's upcoming guild housing if the studio's barrage of strongholds dev diaries is any indication. Strongholds won't just be given to...
That map is big? Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's not small? No, no, no!

Neverwinter demos its biggest map ever

The more things you want going on in a single map, the bigger the map needs to be. If all you want is for...

The latest Neverwinter dev blog talks a tiny bit about strongholds

Cryptic has published a new dev blog that touches on Neverwinter's upcoming strongholds feature. It's designed to provide content for guilds, and much of the...

Neverwinter’s Strongholds expansion is coming this summer

Neverwinter's next expansion is called Strongholds, and it's coming to a PC near you this summer. Players will work together with their guild mates...
So long.

Strongholds and the Jungle in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

While I was taking my test drive of the Revenant class at ArenaNet's recent press event, I wasn't just playing through old familiar portions of...

Hyperspace Beacon: Eight reasons to return to SWTOR

In the midst of this rebirth of Massively, I found myself suddenly placed in charge of my Star Wars: The Old Republic guild. We are on...
Kind of taking a drubbing here, Tyria. I'm sorry.

Guild Wars 2 shows off Stronghold gameplay

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is bringing a new type of PvP to the game with Strongholds. There are shades of the original...