Neverwinter demos its biggest map ever

That map is big? Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's not small? No, no, no!
The more things you want going on in a single map, the bigger the map needs to be. If all you want is for a player to walk in, click a thingy, and then leave, a small map is enough. But for Neverwinter‘s next major update, which promises guild structures, PvE, PvP, and possibly an international coffee bar somewhere in the mix? Yeah, the designers needed to make the game’s biggest map ever.

At a glance, the quick version is that the guild structures sit at opposite ends of the map, with a “ring” of PvE space around the twin structures and a PvP faceoff in the middle. Take a gander at the map itself and an overview of the design process to make a map that’s this large in the latest development dispatch.


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