Neverwinter posts the official gameplay trailer for Strongholds

Definitely not winter here, buddy.
A guild’s home is its castle in Neverwinter. Wait, scratch that – it’s not its castle yet, but it will totally be its castle once the Strongholds update drops. The gameplay trailer for the major update is available just below, and it shows off all of the stuff players can do once they band together, clear away the rubble, and get a nice guild castle all set up and looking good.

Strongholds are an involved process for guilds that involve quests and projects to claim land, clear away obstacles, improve resource-gathering structures, and so forth. With the castle finished, players can also engage in large-scale 20v20 conflicts with other similarly progressed guilds. But you don’t need to read about it; you can just hop down below and see it in action for yourself.

Source: Perfect World Entertainment press release
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