Throne & Liberty KR holds its first PvP siege and explains the activity’s mechanics


If you like laying siege to to a big castle with fantasy classes and big stomping rock golems, then you’ll probably like what Throne & Liberty did last week, which was kick off the MMORPG’s very first guild vs. guild siege featuring all of the above.

The siege itself happened at different dates and times for the game’s various servers, while the announcement post offered additional details on how the activity works: Sieges play out in a single castle, unfolding in up to three stages: a preparation phase, the siege proper, and a possible overtime phase if the battle for the throne is still in progress. Sieges are timed affairs lasting 45 minutes, with plunder and resurrection sites to claim and hold, giant stone golems to capture and command, and different points of entry beyond simply knocking down gates and walls, like sneaking through castle sewers.

As for rewards, the winning guild that holds the castle gets to rake in some sweet tax revenue for transactions in the castle’s region, adjust whether specialty goods can be purchased, and accumulate guild resources, occupation effects, and activity points. For those who are curious, T&L shared a video showing off some gameplay; it’s all in Korean obviously, but it can give western fans a peek at what the war for a castle can look like.

Meanwhile, the MMORPG’s latest patch is mostly about adjustments, with special growth skills now unlocked at level 50, a raise to weapon proficiency levels, and updates to guild features, specific monster attack visuals, and codex activities.

source: official site (1, 2)
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