WildStar’s Nexus Forever allows for basic combat, leveling, and housing


The next phase of WildStar resurrection project Nexus Forever is kicking in this week, with the team’s leader warning testers that they may lose saved data due to the switch. This is to make way for the first iteration of combat for the rogue server, a move that’s been two years in coming.

“While combat works, this pass focused on stability and basic features, no full playability,” the volunteer team warned. “That extends to quest and content support too. Creatures are dumb and are not the ‘WildStar experience’ yet. Damage is fairly accurate for players.”

Those checking out the test server will find that they should be able to level up, although questing will be spotty at best. The team is currently focusing on getting Crimson Isle and Northern Wilds questing “to showcase the features and provide a proof of concept” for the project. Here are the bug reports for the current build.

Oh, and you can totally go make a house, so get on that already, will you?

For kicks and giggles, here’s a video of someone checking out the Nexus Forever test server a few months ago without quests or enemies:

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