New World’s Thanksgiving weekend rollback cost some players days of trading


One might have hoped that Amazon could get New World back in shape long enough to allow all the devs a festive Thanksgiving holiday, but unfortunately, that was not to be. As we reported over the long weekend, New World’s sudden burst of generosity in the currency department went a wee bit overboard, taking down the EU servers and prompting a corrective rollback.

On Saturday, the studio was finally able to restore the trading post itself. “Tonight we will attempt to restore the trading post to its state on November 24th at 12:45PM CET (the rollback point for the affected servers),” no less than Game Director Scot Lane explained to players that evening. “There is a significant amount data involved and the scripts will take several hours to complete. You may notice items starting to appear in the trading post (even though you can’t purchase, sell or remove them). Once the script is completed and validated through testing, we will unlock the trading post. Turning the trading post back on will require a restart.”

Fortunately, that means the trading post is back now, but it did lose several days to the partial outage and hamper play over the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, the game’s Reddit has already retreated to complaining about the experience rebalance anyhow.

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