AdventureQuest 3D readies an epic pirate vs. ninja showdown

Are we really just a month away from September already? That means that there is practically no time to get in our International Talk Like a Pirate Day shopping, decorations, and planning!

Fortunately, AdventureQuest 3D is far more prepared than we. The cross-platform MMO is currently testing its brand-new Pirate class — and should have it ready to go live on the buccaneer holiday in September. The Pirate is the first class in the game to feature dual-wielding weapons, in this case a pair of guns.

This suave class isn’t the only thing in development right now, with the port town of Lolosia being created. And you know what they say, where there’s pirates, there are always ninjas. Got to hit all of those geeky tropes, after all!

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Impressions of Sea of Thieves, one month in: Deep-diving retro world PvP

It’s really hard for me to not to gush hard about Sea of Thieves. I know many out there won’t agree, and it’s easy to say why, especially for RPG and theme park fans. It also may be because I’m late to the party, as the game came out while I was at GDC. That being said, Massively OP doesn’t do ratings because we expect the games we cover to evolve, but we do post impressions and hands-on coverage, and as I’ve played the game before and after it’s latest patch, I figure it’s time to lay out some judgments. Don’t worry, we’ll run through the game’s grimy pockets before looking at its actual treasure!

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EVE Evolved: Calling time on EVE Online’s five-year vision

When Andie “CCP Seagull” Nordgren walked onto the stage at EVE Fanfest 2013 and delivered her long-term vision for the future of EVE Online, the excitement in the room was palpable. EVE was riding its highest peak concurrent player numbers in the game’s history following the overhauls of the Crucible, Inferno, and Retribution expansions, and players were ready for a new blockbuster feature to fire their imaginations. CCP delivered its ambitious five year vision to hand the reins of EVE‘s living universe over to its players, with player-built stargates and deep space exploration in completely uncharted star systems.

We’re now about four months away from the five-year mark on that vision, and many parts of it have now been completed, but no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. We’ve seen some big feature drops such as the release of citadels, the industry overhaul, and the recent moon mining overhaul, but that deep space colonisation gameplay still seems far off. Some players feel as if EVE is currently in a holding pattern, with everyone waiting for the next big feature or overhauls to their favourite part of the game before deciding what to do next. So what does come next?

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I break down the progress toward Nordgren’s 5 year vision so far and talk about the possible next steps I think CCP could take to make it a reality.

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Skull and Bones will boast a single-player campaign in addition to multiplayer battles

Pirates are, like, so so hot right now. At least if you look at the multiplayer gaming space, which now has two promising titles from major studios racing toward release. One of these is Skull and Bones, a recently announced Ubisoft title that we got to check out at E3.

For all of the talk of open world sailing and clashes between players, some have wondered if there is any room for the solo pirate who wants to sail the seven seas without others crowding around. Turns out that, yes, this will be a definite option, as Skull and Bones is going to feature a single-player narrative campaign in addition to its multiplayer component.

An Ubisoft representative confirmed this aspect of the game in a statement: “[Skull and Bones] will offer a narrative campaign which will be integrated into the game and will not be something aside of the multiplayer experience. In this campaign, players will encounter iconic characters and memorable rival pirates. More details will be shared at a later date.”

Source: PC Gamer


EVE Evolved: Making stories with friends in EVE Online

It’s one of the more peculiar laws of the universe that when enough EVE Online players meet in the real world, they absolutely must swap stories. You can see it in action at meetups and events like EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas, where players take a trip down memory lane with corpmates over a beer and regale whole groups of strangers with tales of wars, clever schemes, and treachery. It’s like some tribal instinct takes over and we feel the need to pass on our virtual history or bask in glory days gone by like a couple of Klingons in a Ferengi bar.

We’re all familiar with the biggest and most impactful stories that go down in the sandbox of New Eden because they tend to hit the gaming media like a brick in the face. When the largest war in gaming history goes down or hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of ships goes up in smoke, you’re bound to hear about it. What you don’t hear about is the hundreds of compelling little stories that take place every day within EVE, most of which are left untold. Several interesting stories are shared each day on the EVE subreddit and official forums, a few make their way into works of cinematography, and some have been immortalised in song or shoehorned into propaganda posters. These little stories are the everyday reality of what can happen in EVE, and part of the reason so many of us are hooked on the game.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I suggest that the true draw of EVE is in its capacity for making stories with friends, and share a few of my own little histories from days gone by.

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Star Citizen fends off pirates (the fun kind)

One thing that’s for certain in the future of interstellar expansion, and that is the assurance that plucky pirates will take their Jolly Rogers out to the stars to follow the call of treasure and conquest. So don’t act surprised if you encounter one or two — or two hundred in Star Citizen.

In the latest episode of Around the Verse, Director of Community Engagement Ben Lesnick explained how players are dealing with buccaneers in the game: “With Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 we introduced a pretty exciting new game mode called Pirate Swarm. Pirate Swarm is essentially a ‘gauntlet mode’ that throws you against wave after wave of enemy planes. Unlike our previous gauntlet mode, Vanduul Swarm, Pirate Swarm has a whole variety of different ships, ranging from the M50 interceptor to the Constellation multi-crew ship.”

You can read the full transcript of the episode courtesy of the folks at Relay or watch it for your own bad self after the break.

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Neverwinter reprises its Storm the Keep event

There be a red moon tonight. A blood moon, so the ancient mariners called it. ‘Tis a bad omen indeed. Ye best be sharpening your swords and limbering up your clicking finger if ye hope to live to see the sun come up over the horizons, maties!

Starting tomorrow, Neverwinter will come under assault by a band of raucous pirates with its Storm the Keep event. This is actually a good thing, as it allows players to prove their heroism and snag some choice loot during the invasion. The top prizes include a swashbuckler companion, a pirate dye pack, weapon transmutes, and even a peg leg. Who wouldn’t want a peg leg?

The event kicks off on December 1st and runs through December 5th. Happy hunting!

Source: Neverwinter


PSA: Enjoy Pirate’s Day in World of Warcraft

How much does it cost for a pirate to get her ears pierced? A buck-an-ear. And do you know what a pirate’s favorite letter is? You’d think it was arrr, but really a pirate’s first love is the sea.

Thank you, we’ll be here all day, particularly since it’s both Pirate’s Day in World of Warcraft and Talk Like a Pirate Day worldwide. The MMO holiday is as short as it is limited in duration, so if you’re going to participate, you’ll need to get going before the pirates sink down to Davy Jones’ locker once more.

Most of the pirate fun in the game is taking place in Booty Bay, where players can get a costume buff, hunt a shark for a book o’ insults, gawk at celebrating swashbucklers, and even become an honorary member of a pirate crew. Both Wowhead and Icy Veins have guides to help you navigate this rather uncomplicated holiday.

Source: Wowhead, Icy Veins. Thanks Cap’n Rick!


Pirates, Bards, and Astrologers abound in Lost Ark

One thing is for sure with Lost Ark: You are not going to find yourself constrained and bored with a paltry handful of class choices. The title sports six basic archetypes that then branch off into three advanced classes each, bringing the total high-level count for professions up to an impressive 18 selections.

For example, the Mage can specialize into a Bard, the Assassin into a Pirate, and the Specialist can pick up a supermarket tabloid and become a dreaded Astrologer. Other interesting-looking class titles include Musician, Hawkeye, and Warlord. Let the other games have their paltry Fighters and Warriors — you are a Warlord and you will stride across their corpses.

While some of the names might be in flux due to localization, at least fans of the upcoming MMOARPG can start mulling over possible class picks.

Source: Reddit


New Dawn is the survival sandbox that pits natives against pirates

Game studios are a bit like Klondike gold rushers, always scurrying to jump on the current hot trend. So witness, friends, the swelling of the bubble that is multiplayer survival sandboxes, and take bets when it will reach critical mass and explode. Until it does, we’re sure to be seeing new games being developed at the rate of two or three a week.

Today we want to point out New Dawn, a good-looking survival title that puts players in the role of a native South American in the 1800s who wakes up one day to find that pirates are starting to make incursions onto the players’ island. The players will need to form tribes, adapt to the new technology, and fight back against the pirates so that their way of life can continue.

New Dawn is currently in pre-alpha development and has a robust list of features that include horse taming, teepee building, and, erm, slavery. Also, because your character will persist in a sleeping state when you’re logged out, others can totally kill you and loot your corpse while you’re AFK. Fun!

You can watch the rather serene pre-alpha trailer below.

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E3 2016: Sea of Thieves is much more than pirate ship PvP (and might just be an MMO)

It’s been awhile since I’ve been excited for a Rare game, but pirate-themed, multiplayer sailing-and-swashbuckling game Sea of Thieves took hold of me just based on the concept we heard last year at E3 2015. I knew this year the game would be shown in some capacity this year, and indeed I was pleased to get to interview Rare Lead Designer Mike Chapman and get some hands on with the game. I wasn’t disappointed.

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E3 2016: Sea of Thieves releases cinematic and gameplay trailers

First announced back at least year’s E3, Sea of Thieves has emerged with two brand-new trailers at this year’s event: a cinematic trailer and a gameplay video, the latter showing multiple players tricking out and sailing a pirate ship. Rare is stopping short of calling it an MMO, though an interview last year suggested “large scale co-op,” but you can definitely put checkmarks next to “online” and “multiplayer” so far. Arrrrr!

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Age of Sail MMO Caribbean Conquest hits Kickstarter

Pirates, tall ships, the Age of Sail — wait, haven’t we seen this before? Perhaps so, but Invenio Interactive thinks it can do this niche genre better with its upcoming Caribbean Conquest.

The title will put an emphasis on realm-vs.-realm combat and economy, with plenty of opportunities for trade, boarding parties, and ship battles. Customization, down to player-designed pennants, will also help to distinguish this game. And yes, players can choose the virtuous life of a privateer for one of five countries or enter the devil’s own service as a pirate. It will be pay-to-play with a level-free design.

Caribbean Conquest recently launched its Kickstarter campaign to raise $42,975 for further development. The team said that it’s trying to capture “the point” of MMOs in the creation of this game: “We believe online gaming is about creating memorable moments with friends and strangers alike. We believe gaming should be an experience, and that online gaming is an experience to be shared.”