Gameforge’s Ultimate Pirates issues a letter of marquee to all gamers


Dead men may tell no tales, but Gameforge is alive and trumpeting the release of its newest multiplayer online pirate title. Today, the company has officially dropped Ultimate Pirates, a free-to-play isometric MMORTS title developed by Moonmana.

“Featuring a gorgeous art style and a unique pirate-themed world with unlimited PvP and PvE battles, Ultimate Pirates sets sail on a quest for riches and renown,” Gameforge sent out in a press release. “Those who successfully tread its waters and navigate its world may very well become… the next ultimate pirate.”

Ultimate Pirates gives aspiring buccaneers a chance to build up their own fleets, form alliances, engage in real-time PvP battles, develop a pirate island, and explore the mythology of the seas. The game is currently available as a browser title, although a PC client is on the way soon. You can check out the humorous trailer below!

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Ardra Ventax

that should be “letter of marque”. Not marquee.

Lord Klaus