Atlas brings its MMO to port for Halloween activities


Halloween, ho! Atlas’ motley crew of pirates, scallywags, and scum of the earth are taking a break in their routine of pillaging and terrorizing to go trick-or-treating. Guess what they’re all going to dress up as this year?

Atlas’ Halloween update arrived last week, which sprinkled numerous prize-laden Jack O’ Lanterns throughout the game world. You can find these in shipwrecks and (of course) on the Ship of the Damned. There are also some new cosmetics and adorable pet hats for your long-suffering companions.

The event also may portend future development of the game: “A mysterious journal has washed on to shore and its discovery may bring monumental changes to the world of Atlas. Join us on this journey as we decipher the findings and share them with you in the weeks ahead.”

Source: Atlas

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