Talk Like a Pirate Day around the MMO world, 2023 edition


When the internet was younger, Talk Like a Pirate Day was a huge event, the kind of harmless fun every brand and MMO got in on. It’s smaller now – storybook pirates have lost some of their cultural cachet – but there are still some MMOs making the effort. To wit:

World of Warcraft celebrates the day with the return of Dread Captain DeMeza in Booty Bay; players can shell out an outrageous sum of gold for his drake armor cosmetic.

AdventureQuest 3D has gone all out with a “pirate party island” full of inanity, mobs, and loot. The first event was at 3 a.m. EDT, but there’s a second one for the North and South American crowd at 4 p.m. EDT this afternoon.

And then there’s Sea of Thieves, which really is the most appropriate MMO out there for pirates since that’s literally all it does every day all day long. There are themed items in the cash shop too.

LOTRO’s Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners is still live another day too, and it won’t be back until this time next year!

The Legends of Pirates Online rogue server for Pirates of the Caribbean points out that the original game closed down 10 years ago today (damn, really Disney?).

We had to check in on Puzzle Pirates, which doesn’t seem to have a TLAPD event but does have some sales running.

You can literally play a Pirate Captain in Trove every day, though it’s celebrating with a mini.

We don’t see anything new for Pirate101, but there’s a standard goofy website lander for the day.

Let us know if you spy any more events as the day progresses, and don’t forget that most of these don’t run for long!

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