Last Oasis breaks its silence with confirmation of mod support and Season 6 development

Good, well-thought-out plans.

Do you remember Last Oasis? It’s all right if you don’t – the game has been radio silent for almost a year, with the last peeps from developer Donkey Crew coming out this past November along with word of its new game Bellwright, which released a demo in June.

Donkey Crew has elected to reawaken Lost Oasis’ Steam presence with a news post about the survivalbox’s future, primarily announcing that full modding support is on the way. This mod support will take advantage of Unreal Engine Blueprint scripting and allow players to adjust all existing features and maps as well as add their own content. “We believe that this is a necessary step to unleash the full potential of LO and allow every nomad to find or create the experience they are looking for in our game,” the post reasons.

On top of the work on mod support, Donkey Crew promises that it’s still working on releasing Season 6, noting that it will be reconsidering Season 5 features that proved to be unpopular and act on suggestions from players. Information on just when this new season is coming out wasn’t confirmed, but it looks as if that will be releasing sometime after modding support goes live.

source: Steam via
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