Last Oasis studio releases the demo for medieval survival sim Bellwright


If you don’t succeed, as the ancient elders say, try again by doing pretty much the same thing – and don’t forget to sweep your old failure under the rug. That seems to be the approach that studio Donkey Crew is taking this year as it effectively abandoned its previous early access survival game, Last Oasis, in favor of making a new survival title called Bellwright.

At least it’s not completely the same game as Last Oasis. Bellwright’s theming is medieval fantasy, and its scope is somewhat smaller with single-player and online co-op announced. It’s even playable right now, as the demo for the title is freely available through June 26th as part of the Steam Next Fest.

Bellwright demo features the beginning of the hero’s story, just as you return to your homeland, where your journey starts,” the studio said. “Establish and grow your own village, help others and recruit them to your cause, command your army and fight in epic battles. All of this and much more is available in the demo, where you’re free to explore an entire region of the kingdom of Karvenia, discovering countless quests, enemies, treasures, and other secrets within it.”

Source: Steam
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