Global Chat: Are you pumped up for Path of Exile 2?


Online ARPG enthusiasts are no doubt keeping an eye on the long-in-the-coming Path of Exile 2 — and crossing their fingers that it ends up being worth the wait. Among this crowd is Tales of the Aggronaut, who is “overwhelmingly pumped” for the new iteration of the game and the possibilities that Grinding Gear has in store.

“The other more intriguing idea is that maybe we are getting a detailed character creation system similar to the one that we just go with Diablo IV. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but it would be so freaking amazing to be able to craft my starter character to look however I want it to look.”

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24 Hours In had fun as a Stalker in City of Heroes: “This creates some interesting opportunities as well as raising some questions – the big one being why Stalkers don’t just ghost through every mission in the game. After all, if your objective is to defeat the boss at the end of the map, why fight your way through all the mobs in between you and your target when you can just walk past them?”

Kaylriene gave impressions of Final Fantasy XIV’s Update 6.4: “The biggest issue, as I see it, is straightforward – too much of the content this time around is single-play, do it once and you’re done, or at best, do it for the reward you want and done type of content.”

The Friendly Necromancer is the “Mild Midcore Man” in Diablo IV: “I’m finding that my play objectives have been pretty random here in Nightmare difficulty. Sometimes I’ll log on and knock out a bunch of side quests. Sometimes I’ll log on and go Lilith statue hunting. Sometimes I’ll do Tree of Whispers stuff. Sometimes I’ll do a nightmare dungeon.  It’s a mishmash of stuff. I’m all over the place!”

Gnomecore gave Guild Wars 2 a try and wasn’t exactly won over: “I don’t have any specific goals, except that I want to see the vibe, how the game feels like playing, and in general have an inside opinion – so that when somebody’s talking about it, I have my personal image in my mind’s eye.”

Shoot to wound!

Going Commando reviewed the latest bit of SWTOR story: “When I was sweeping the floor of the Gormak cantina I was definitely questioning the life choices that had led me there when all I wanted to do was get a bit of intel from the Three. On the other hand though, there was a part of me that liked how that particular setup felt like it gave the update more ‘gameplay meat.'”

MMO Bits has a few thoughts about SWTOR moving to Broadsword: “At this point, I’m not overly worried about what the deal means for the future of the SWTOR. I’m more worried about how this could impact the development team. Despite a rough couple of years, they have remained dedicated to the game and Keith at least seems hopeful for the future of the game.”

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