Atlas continues to spin up its ‘wipe hype’ with more teasers of its upcoming new season


Atlas is continuing to drum up what it calls “wipe hype” on Twitter as the game inches closer to next week’s new season and full server wipe. And what better way to spin up some excitement than with a bunch of new teasers?

The teasers in question come in the form of some postage stamp-sized images of a new plant crab monster, a new reptilian seaborne threat, and a lava rock golem of some kind. All three of the teaser images in question are paired with enough puns and references to make a ’60s Batman villain blush.

As a reminder, the new season and subsequent wipe will go down on Wednesday, May 18th. In the meantime, the devs invite players to participate in the Kraken Bowl on both the official PvE and PvP servers until then.

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