Salem isn’t dead! It’s launching June 17th

I don't know what's going on in this picture and I honestly don't wish to.

Salem might have slipped off of your radar over the past few years. It’s a permadeath, open-PvP sandbox that fell into the perpetual beta trap. It also lost its original publisher, which is never a good sign. But no more of that; the game will now officially be launching on June 17th this year. In a Facebook post yesterday, the current owners declared that the game is actually doing rather well:

A group of veteran players who prided themselves on possessing an intimate understanding of the title, and were working on a similar title themselves, decided to scrap everything, purchase the remaining shares of Salem from the powerhouse that is Paradox Interactive, and quite simply evolve the game into the masterpiece they always felt it could be. Slowly but surely, Salem’s population began to rise, and the player-base seemed to reward the efforts of Mortal Moments for the risk they took. The performance of the title is now operating at nearly 800% compared to the time of acquisition, growing strictly by word-of-mouth due to the positive reception of the sweeping changes made.

So if you ever wanted to tool around in a pseudohistorical version of bobblehead colonial America with the very real risk of dying forever, the option of doing so arrives in June.

[Source: Facebook]
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