Mortal Online 2 brings the thunder, fire, ice, and rock with its new Elementalist magic school

Presumably, anyway


It’s hard to deny the classic allure of the elements-weaving magic caster in a fantasy setting, and this evergreen trope is now available in Mortal Online 2 thanks to the arrival of the Elementalist school of magic, which went live for players earlier this week.

This newest school of magic promises to bring “an exciting new dimension to spellcasting” purely by virtue of the ability to fling magical projectiles at people. Becoming a master of this new school does sound like it will need some dedication, as players will have to find other Elementalists around the world of Myrland to increase their skills, while consecutive updates will introduce more tasty new spells to pursue.

While the new magic spells are certainly the highlight, this latest patch has also expanded alchemy to let players refine new items, discover new resources, and uncover new effects from ingredients.

Other features of this patch include the ability to get knocked off of a mount (ow), lets pets enter homes (aww), allows players to walk while casting spells (wee), and stops sliding from causing fall damage (strong ankles). There’s obviously a lot more going on, but those are certainly some highlights.

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