Mortal Online 2 shares plans for a network stress test and one final territory control PTR test


During the latest weekly livestream from Mortal Online 2, Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom provided details on another round of testing coming to the FFA PvP sandbox, both to kick the tires of a recent backend update and to continue work on territory control features.

According to Nystrom, the second PTR for territory control that opened in mid-July was also used as a test bed for some backend updates related to networking and handling packages. Those trials were reportedly very promising, which has prompted the studio to test these updates sometime this week in the live game proper. This ad hoc network stress test will run for “a few days,” while Star Vault will attempt to draw a large number of players into the game via temporary key giveaways with various gaming websites in order to gather more test data.

As for the aforementioned territory control tests, a third public test realm is set to open shortly after the network test concludes, which will focus on organizing a large-scale siege to see how the territory control system works at scale. Once again, dates and times have not been tied down, but Nystrom did note that this will be the final PTR build before the territory control features arrive to the live game.

The rest of the livestream showed off some in-development clothes, previewed some completed wolf mount armor, and took some player questions. The full stream can be seen just below.

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