Anvil Empires discusses seasons, weather, points of interest, and its next two months of pre-alpha


Siege Camp is continuing to keep interested players informed of where things are going with its persistent war MMO Anvil Empires, as its eighth developer blog throws a light over several features the studio is working on next that may be of interest to those looking to join the medieval war effort.

One of the first features highlighted in the blog is the creation of points of interest, which primarily will serve as a way to provide visual storytelling for Anvil’s world but may also offer up “frightening secrets in the darkest corners.” Players should expect these to arrive soon, but they will be in a “black out” state as they get built.

Another feature that’s ready for testing prime time is the addition of seasons and weather systems, both of which are being designed to bring impacts to the battlefield that players will have to account for, such as shielding against the cold of winter snow. These events will impact temperature, wetness, and wind, though temperature is the only one that will affect player characters at the moment.

Finally, there’s a look at an updated workbench, which is where the majority of player-made items will be created (naturally). Workbenches come in standard and advanced versions, both of them now have dedicated inventory to stash materials and items, and workbenches can now create items of varying quality, meaning they will replace assembly stations for blacksmithing.

Many of these new features are going to be coming through Anvil’s next few rounds of pre-alpha testing, with minor tests for January 10th, January 24th, and February 7th, followed by a “major test” on February 21st that will increase the scale of pre-alpha. More details are likely to come in future dev blogs, but for now the current pre-alpha calendar can be seen below.

sources: Steam, Discord
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