Ashes of Creation is ‘close’ to Alpha 2, shows off server meshing tech


If there are two things that we know for certain about Ashes of Creation’s second alpha test, it’s that (1) Intrepid Studios really loves talking up its features, and (2) Intrepid Studios hasn’t given fans a hard date for the alpha’s release.

However, this may change in the near future, as Creative Director Steven Sharif said that the test is “close to coming” with a reveal of its start date provided by the end of July. This comes on top of a 78-minute dev video showing off the server meshing technology that the fantasy MMORPG plans to use.

“We are cloooooose to A2 coming!” Sharif said. “Today’s showcase was the most technically oriented we’ve ever done, and it’s all in an effort to share with our glorious audience what exactly goes into making Ashes and what is being tested in A2. I know these kinds of updates aren’t as sexy as pure unadulterated gameplay, but they are important and I am excited to get your feedback on what you saw and heard today. We will be announcing the A2 start date at the end of this month, and we have begun sending out test invites to A1 users.”

Source: YouTube
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