Palia’s latest beta patch offers pumpkins, romance, and a challenging obstacle course


You didn’t think a cozy MMO like Palia was doing to let the Halloween season slip by without mention, did you? No sir, and Singularity Six has rolled out the patch – technically 0.170 for the beta game – as of this morning.

“Pumpkins have suddenly appeared all throughout Kilima Village!” the studio’s patch preview declares. Players can use their coin to pick up their orange deco from a “mysterious cash register [that] has appeared selling rather ghastly goods for gold.” This is not generally how cash registers work, but we’ll take it. The team has that crop pumpkins are a possibility in the future.

The patch also includes romance options for “your favorite Sad Dad” Hodari, fresh chat options, map flare arrows, workbench sorting options, openable cabinets, fishing cast speed, and a new obstacle course that is meant to be more challenging (but optional) content.

“We also want to be clear that the Obstacle Course is definitely an experiment we’re trying out — it’s our first attempt on how we want to approach different ways people can play in Palia, and there’s lots of room for us to improve and iterate over time. The Obstacle Course was designed to be bonus content, so there’s no pressure to complete it and you won’t miss out on any big items. For those of you looking for a challenge and are a lover of platformers and jump puzzles, though, we look forward to hearing feedback from you!”

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