Mortal Online 2 player polls prompt combat polish and new dungeons as devs talk F2P Haven and armored horses


The beginning of this year saw Mortal Online 2 approach its update roadmap a bit differently, as developer Star Vault asked players to vote in a poll for things they’d like to see. The results of that poll are in and they offer a pretty good snapshot of where player priorities lie.

An announcement on the game’s Discord came with a results image attached that showed the top ten things fans want including combat polish, new weapons, new dungeons and POIs, combat abilities, and the option to roll a second character among a few other things. The list is ordered from most important at the top left down to least important in the bottom right, and can be viewed below.

This in turn has prompted a follow-up poll to narrow things down, like what kind of new weapon should be added, what class of armor the new armor set should be, and what existing in-game creature could become a rideable mount. As before, those who have strong feelings one way or the other might want to answer the associated survey.

Meanwhile, Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom once again took to Twitch to discuss the voting results, noting how each item ended up being pretty close to one another in terms of desirability. He also confirmed future update plans for the game outside of the poll results, such as revamping the Haven starting area and eventually making it a free-to-play zone, the arrival of an armored horse mount in next week’s patch, confirmation that more than just one new dungeon will be coming, and some other combat-related updates arriving next week. The full stream awaits below if you care to watch Nystrom react to chat for an hour and a half.

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