Mortal Online II starts polling players on this year’s development roadmap


While most MMO studios set a vision internally and lay that vision out through a year-long roadmap, Mortal Online 2 is doing things a little bit different. Star Vault is putting the game’s future development to a survey, asking fans to vote for what they want to see done to the PvP sandbox.

“The time has come to cast your votes on what you would like to see prioritized in our next development roadmap,” the studio said. “A score of 10 means you want to see that item or feature in the game as soon as possible, and a score of 1 means you don’t mind waiting a while to see it in game.”

Various possible features and improvements are listed in the nine-page poll, including allowing players to roll second characters, implementing a veteran system, adding quick travel wayshrines, slipping in some thievery, setting sail with boats, and opening the game up to farming.

Source: Mortal Online 2. Thanks Hawk!
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