Albion Online brings the guild battle thunder with new GvG mechanics in today’s Crystal Raiders update


Raiding a crystal sounds like either a boring proposition or at the least the plot line of a JRPG, but in the case of Albion Online’s titular new update out today, it’s about guilds raiding the crystals of other guilds in order to get that sweet, sweet pointage. Points. Point totals. I probably should not have used “pointage.”

The headline feature of today’s patch is the ability for territory raiding in the Outlands, which lets guilds attack other guild holdings in order steal raw energy and bring it back to their own held land (and in turn get those points). Crystal can also be found in the three all-new crystal weapons that can be created from artifact rewards earned at the end of each guild season, all of which are a lot more powerful than the brittleness of crystal would have one assume.

In addition to the new energy raiding mechanics and crystalline weapons, Crystal Raiders adds reworks for the Conqueror’s Challenge that give out goodies for individual and guild progress, hands out a daily might bonus, expands the target tracking feature, and changes to territories and hideouts, among other things. There’s a fairly impressive number of things to do if you’re in a guild, so make sure to get all of the salient details before raiding those crystals.

sources: press release, official site
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