Guild Wars 2’s next world vs world restructuring beta is scheduled to begin January 12


The attempt by ArenaNet to restructure WvW PvP in Guild Wars 2 – an effort that was first announced in 2018 – is set to continue forward into the new year. The WvW mode’s next world restructuring beta will run between January 12th and February 2nd.

This test will kick the tires of the mode’s latest team-building algorithm, a “same team” reset feature, and a team-building reset feature, as well as apply “many bug fixes and additional polish” to the whole shebang. As usual, timing to sign up with guild mates or for the beta’s final week are pretty specific, so those who are seeking to WvW with friends will probably want to read up on those details.

What may not be available during the WvW test is gliding, as glider use was temporarily disabled in WvW last week due to a crashing issue. An ETA for when this will be fixed has not been given out at this time, and activities outside of WvW can still float around like beautiful rose petals on the wind. If rose petals are Charr-shaped, anyway.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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