Mortal Online 2 opens the Undercroft dungeon in latest patch


When you hear a place called the Undercroft, a few things come to mind: an underground delve, some form of fancy stonework, maybe impossibly large bats or spiders to fight. These things and more may be awaiting players of Mortal Online 2 when they dive in to the new Undercroft dungeon added with this latest patch. We’re not sure. At the very least, there will be nice chandeliers and fancy statues if that header image is anything to go by.

The patch notes for this update are intriguingly quiet on just what waits in this new dungeon, saying only that it can be found somewhere in Myrland. Other features of the update include support for AMD FSR3 upscaling and frame generation, several changes to Etherworld combat, new updates to fix level streaming delays and game freezes (with the promise to keep attacking the problem), a variety of improved AI behaviors, and some combat tweaks, among other things.

While the Undercroft is certainly the highlighted feature (and something players are clearly going to have to discover themselves), the patch notes have plenty of changes to look through all the same. It will likely be safer than going to the Undercroft.

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