Mortal Online 2 promises a public beta of territory control mechanics soon as it adds more Elementalism spells


A lot of the talk coming out of Mortal Online 2 for the past couple of months has been focused almost entirely on its upcoming territory control mechanics. That throughline has continued over the past several livestreams from the game, as Star Vault keeps fans in the loop on just what’s being done and how it all works.

Streams from the end of April and the middle of May both offered deeper looks at territory control features, including how to expand territory, the ability to place shops, the need to keep supply lines for those shops running, collecting taxes and managing a territory’s treasury, and some PvP-driving features like the capture of supply towers and deployment of siege tents that can then let guilds put together siege machines.

Unfortunately, there is still no date for when these new mechanics will arrive, but the MMORPG’s most recent livestream has promised that a public beta test is coming soon. Timing and details for this first test will be announced later, and a total of two public tests are planned before territory control goes live.

In the meantime, the game’s latest major content update added a second batch of Elementalism spells that let players command and manipulate the weather, introduced the ability for certain pets to become mounts, and applied a host of general gameplay updates and adjustments.

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