Mortal Online 2 continues to test out its Unreal Engine 5 upgrade with a third PTR November 13


The Unreal Engine 5 upgrade for Mortal Online 2 hasn’t been quite the improvement that Star Vault first hyped it to be, at least from a performance standpoint. It’s because of a performance issue that the studio is beginning a third PTR testing round on Monday, November 13th, in order to pinpoint the source of its tech woes.

The PTR will focus on a battle event while the devs run debug settings on the server in order to try and isolate what’s causing server stalls that players were reporting during the last testing round. “The more people we have attending the event, the more likely we are to find what we are looking for, in addition to stress testing the nodes in general, so the more the merrier!” the post stresses.

The updated PTR build will also bring some substantial improvements to the sandbox MMORPG’s structure placement system, so there is another incremental improvement for fans to look out for. Mostly, though, it’s about trying to isolate a server issue.

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