Mortal Online 2 tests siege system updates, combat changes, and new mounts in latest PTR


Evidently, there aren’t enough players in Mortal Online 2 who are taking part in the PvP sandbox’s siege mechanics, which has led to a host of changes to the system’s mechanics that are now available to test on the PTR.

Developer Star Vault explains that it’s making these updates with an eye toward ensuring that attackers and defenders have time to prepare and engage in the event; the updates include additions like a direct siege challenge that one guild issues to another, alerts for when sieges begin, and new protected and vulnerable windows for related guild structures. The studio plans a simple PTR siege event on Thursday, April 11th, at 2:00 p.m. EDT to further encourage fans to kick the siege system’s tires.

Other pieces of the public test build include new mounts like cougars and taurdogs, several territory control adjustments related to supply towers and guild structures, a list of adjustments and fixes for melee and magical combat, and updates for armor training and heavy armor training. The PTR’s full patch notes explain just what testers can expect.

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