Mortal Online 2 opens up its test server for a new balance patch

He's a bit ouchy.

It’s frankly upsetting when you think of players on Mortal Online 2 who for too long have cowered behind shield, resolute and confident in their knowledge that their stamina will be unaffected even as blow rain upon their shield with furious intensity. Yet no longer with the game’s next balance patch; now stamina shall be lost when blocking with the shield, which is apparently just the start of a larger rebalancing of combat with shields. But you don’t have to take our word for it, as you can test out the balance patch yourself on Steam.

The process of joining the test server is as simple as opting into the beta on Steam, with other notable balance changes including Supply Lines contributing a maximum amount of defense to a guild regardless of how many are controlled and fixing issues with spawners. The total number of changes is pretty substantial, so you should definitely take a look, but there’s no substitute for the actual test server to feel out how things work in practice.

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