Animal Crossing-inspired cozy MMO Galactic Getaway launches $50,000 Kickstarter


Twice last spring, we covered a new-to-us MMO called Galactic Getaway, a game that had been in production already since 2021. We originally binned it under multiplayer, and it clearly shared a lot in common with cozy sandboxes like Animal Crossing New Horizon, promising housing, minigames, pets, farming, space stations, multiple biomes and planets, and deployment on PC, Mac, and the Switch (and definitely with crossplay for PC and Mac).

Well, studio Akrew has finally opened a Kickstarter for the game this week, and right up front, the team is calling the game a “cozy MMO” in its Kickstarter branding, though it appears planetary maps are limited to 60 people. “One of our main focuses is that Galactic Getaway is a social game,” Akrew says. “From playing with family and friends to making new ones, you will be able to farm, customize your planet and home, and play mini-games together.”

The group is asking $50,000 to finish out the game; with a month to go, it’s already picked up around half that as I type this. Alpha is currently expected in April of this year, followed by early access in August. The early bird base Kickstarter pledge (which includes a copy of the early access title when it’s ready) is $15. Standard Kickstarter caveats apply as always.

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