DC Universe Online adds Fortress of Solitude base and themed missions to celebrate Superman Day


I was today years old when I learned (or more likely, re-learned) that there’s an official Superman Day, and that day is April 18th. Not coincidentally, today is April 18th! Hey, that would make today the perfect day to celebrate Superman in DC-themed video games, wouldn’t it? Daybreak obviously agrees with my extremely reasonable assertion.

“April 18th marks the official celebration of Superman Day across the web, the world, and the DC Universe,” the studio says. “We’re celebrating in DC Universe Online with special Superman missions, rewards, and the launch of the highly anticipated Sunstone Fortress Base!”

“The highly anticipated Sunstone Fortress Lair is now available to celebrate Superman Day! This new, unique base layout is a breath-taking recreation of the iconic Fortress of Solitude – and for the first time ever, this base includes an explorable outdoor area! The Sunstone Fortress Lair also comes with new Kryptonian Back-up/Henchmen uplink devices.”

Do note that while most of the featured content is free, the base itself runs 2000 Daybreak cash, with an addition 500 for a whole themed decor pack. Then again, it’s really cool.

It sounds like all the content is live today, but Daybreak teases that “it doesn’t stop there” as there are “free Superman Day player gift poster sets” coming next week too.

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