PSA: Pirate101’s Through Death’s Door chapter will revert to paid DLC ‘within the next few months’


Last month saw Pirate101 finally get some substantial content with the launch of the Through Death’s Door chapter. At the time of launch, Kingsisle made the content available to everyone without requiring the usual chapter purchase, but that will be changing soon.

The studio confirmed that the update will go back to being a paid piece of content “within the next few months” but wanted to ensure players were given advance notice about the shift. As for why this content will soon be paywalled, it boils down to supporting Kingsisle’s efforts to revitalize the MMO. “The return of chapter pricing allows us to further our efforts in increasing development resources for Pirate101,” the announcement reads. “There is so much that we want to accomplish, and increasing our resources is the only way to do it.”

More details will likely be provided when the plan is shored up, but until then, consider this your advance notice.

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