KingsIsle announces Wizard101 single-player spinoff Ravenwood Academy


If you’ve ever wanted to dive back into the Wizard101 world without actually being in Wizard101, now is your time, as this morning KingsIsle announced a brand-new game in the franchise, a single-player prequel dubbed Ravenwood Academy: A Wizard101 Story.

Ravenwood Academy is a single-player, self-contained life sim/visual novel. The game’s core is a strong narrative in which the player takes the role of a student at Ravenwood Academy, the beloved setting of Wizard101,” the company says.

“In Ravenwood Academy, players will don their robes and raise their wands as students at the titular school, a beloved setting from Wizard101. Across each in-game day – split into four time slots – players must balance a busy class schedule with extracurricular hijinks such as investigating magical mysteries, completing a variety of fun mini-games, and building relationships with students and teachers – including with past versions of some familiar faces from Wizard101!”

It sounds like a cross between a cozy game and a mystery novel, as players “become problem-solvers, detectives, and even pseudo-lawyers” through a series of investigations and trials, whereby you’ll seek evidence, interview witnesses, and build relationships – yes, even rivalries and romances – and the storylines include multiple endings based on how the player chose along the way.

The game is set for launch on PC, but we have no date or release window or price right now.

Source: Press release, Steam
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