EVE Online’s Equinox expansion brings planetary mining and territory features to nullsec June 11


Tuesday, June 11th, is promising to be “the first step towards a radical re-invigoration of nullsec space” in EVE Online thanks to the launch of the Equinox expansion, which is bringing more ways for player corps to control the lawless wilds of its wider universe.

The whole expansion is being tied in-lore to the Upwell Consortium, which has officially introduced a new orbital skyhook structure and related features that support it. What this means in terms of gameplay is a new building that can tap into new planetary resources along with workforce management features, a new moon drill structure that can passively generate income for corps, and a new upgradeable sovereignty hub that will replace the infrastructure hub and territorial claim unit. Finally, there will be four new ships designed to haul reagents for players to command.

Equinox is also bringing additional functions for the custom ship skin creator, several adjustments to the corp projects feature, and an expansion of AIR daily goals with new monthly goals.

Last but not least, June will bring new things to EVE’s Vanguard FPS testing like a new map, customizable weaponry, and new activities when testing returns between June 20th and July 1st.

source: official site (1, 2)
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