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Anvil Empires elaborates on blacksmithing, player settlements, and its worldbuilding tech

Foxhole developer Siege Camp is continuing to keep fans abreast of what's happening with Anvil Empires, the medieval-themed persistent war MMO built for thousand-person...

Black Desert console starts a new Node War season, Black Desert PC is free to claim until March 9

We're back with another mid-week news dump from Black Desert, this time featuring updates and headlines from the console and PC editions of the...

Profane is seeking testers for its ‘first basic combat test’

Did you know that Profane has a Discord? There's a Discord for Profane. You should join it. The Discord. The one for Profane. The...

Profane talks up armor skins, Portinus culture, and a new island creation tool

Regular readers by now know that the developing PvP MMO Profane really does love to kick out Twitter threads, and the past three weeks...

Working As Intended: A tour of 19-year-old Ultima Online

Wanna feel old? Three years ago, I wrote a Second Wind pieceĀ for Massively-that-was on Ultima Online, which had recently been turned over to Broadsword...
Let's all work together to be kind of miserable.

E3 2016: Sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe is FFA PvP for builders

That headline may sound strange, but after a long, hard talk with game creator JC Baillie of Novaquark at E3 this week, I feel...
Das Tal

Das Tal tweaks player collision, minimap, and more

It's time for another Das Tal dev blog, and this one touches on everything from audio to art to world-building tasks to the UI. The...
Das Tal

Das Tal’s latest dev blog talks bug squashing and upcoming tests

Das Tal's latest dev blog is live, and with it all manner of detail as to what the team's been up to lately. Last month's...