Anvil Empires elaborates on blacksmithing, player settlements, and its worldbuilding tech


Foxhole developer Siege Camp is continuing to keep fans abreast of what’s happening with Anvil Empires, the medieval-themed persistent war MMO built for thousand-person warfare that was announced in March. With the game having started serious tests for serious testers who test seriously, the devs have now had some time to gather feedback and iterate on some of the MMO’s systems.

One of the first such systems is the introduction of blacksmithing, which works pretty much as you’d expect, which is to say that players feed materials into boxes to make weapons, tools, and other needs. The process begins inefficiently at first, but as industrial buildings in player settlements are placed, making items becomes smoother.

On the subject of player settlements, the blog post outlines an updated ability for multiple tenants to occupy one settlement house. This is explained as a solution to the problem of making sure players have a settlement to call home, which is important considering players “can’t do much” in-game without being part of a settlement.

Finally, the post gets granular about how its large world tech works, specifically the studio’s R2 Engine that allows for a seamless and large world map that can accommodate multiple people and still not require zoning. For those hoping to learn about more testing times, those details aren’t shared in this post, but what is shared should still be of interest to followers.

source: Steam
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