RuneScape previews Necromancy skill May 30, shares content roadmap through summer


Regular players of RuneScape are getting an advance look at what most of this year is bringing to the MMORPG thanks to the latest development update post, which sets the table for a first look at Necromancy, content updates arriving through spring and summer, and some early word of balance adjustments to existing systems.

The main attraction of the whole post is the first sneak peek at the new Necromancy skill in action, which is set to premiere on YouTube on May 30th. Readers will remember this skill was nothing more than a tease this past December, but this preview promises to take a much closer look at Necromancy as it enters its final stages of development. Incidentally, the launch of Necromancy will also herald the overall theme of RuneScape’s next season of content, which looks to be arriving sometime later in the year.

There will obviously be updates between then and now, of course: The month of May promises an increase in max cash limits and another Double XP Weekend event, while the rest of spring and early summer will see the next Fort Forinthry quest, the addition of a Woodcutters’ Grove area and a new hatchet, game jam content releases, and the return of the seasonal beach event.

The post also details continued adjustment of the game based on community feedback, including items asked for in the Community Hitlist initiative, a trimming of requirements to earn the Completion Cape item, and a May 4th beta to test adjustments to Animate Dead and the Fractured Staff of Armadyl.

sources: press release, official site
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