Lord of the Rings Online prototypes purchaseable housing hooks, but it’s not coming any time soon


Lord of the Rings Online’s housing system is near and dear to many of its players’ hearts, despite the feature being (literally) tethered to a hook system that limits how many items can be placed in a house. One frequent request concerning this is to add or allow for more hooks per house — and apparently SSG is contemplating doing just that.

Senior Worldbuilder Matt “Scenario” Elliot took to the forums last week to say that he’s been prototyping a “hook expansion” feature that players can check out for themselves on the test server. However, it doesn’t sound like such an addition is coming to the game any time soon.

“I have a prototype for hook expansion (purchasable hooks) as part of the Test Estate, which you can check out for yourself whenever Bullroarer is up and running,” Elliot said. “The Test Estate is where I do all of my prototyping for new housing systems. Purchaseable hooks is something I’m interested in providing, but in its current prototype state, it needs some considerable UI/UX love to be something I would consider viable to offer to players.”

Source: LOTRO
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