Anvil Empires solicits serious testers for upcoming technical pre-alpha tests


MMO players were treated to a delightful surprise at the end of March, when Foxhole developer Siege Camp took the wraps off its next venture: Anvil Empires, a serious persistent MMO focused on massive battles and sandbox simulation. At the time, we noted that Siege Camp was soliciting alpha testers as needed in Discord, but today, the studio dropped a blog post on Steam explaining that it’s going to need to ramp that up.

“While we’d love to do this behind closed doors and release the game to the world when it’s ready, this simply isn’t feasible for a game that requires thousands of players to function as intended,” the team writes.

“To put things into perspective, it took Siege Camp’s other game Foxhole over 6 years to go from a small experience of 64 players fighting over a small patch of land over a few hours to thousands of players fighting in a war that unfolds over many weeks. Even today, we are still working to improve and expand Foxhole every day. While we’re confident this process won’t take 6 years for Anvil Empires, it will still be a long journey but one that we hope many of you will be a part of.”

Siege Camp does stress it’s not looking for people who just want to poke around or play a new game, only for folks who want to test and offer feedback, else “you will be significantly disappointed in the experience and you will not be a productive tester.” That’s particularly true of the early technical tests, which won’t have much in the way of content, but if that describes you, you should swing by the game’s Discord, as the team says it’ll continue to use that platform to open test signups. [See end for update.]

Source: Steam
So after telling everyone they needed to go camp out in Discord for their secret decoder ring, it turns out the signups were just through Steam anyway. Do note they’re open for only the next two days, though.

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