Profane talks up armor skins, Portinus culture, and a new island creation tool


Regular readers by now know that the developing PvP MMO Profane really does love to kick out Twitter threads, and the past three weeks have certainly been no exception as developer Insane Studio continues to use the social media platform as a place to show off some of the game’s progress.

We begin with some new skin previews, talking up the creation of the look in terms of lore, art, and its connection to the game’s first players who got the skin as a gift for purchasing founder’s packs.

Next, there’s this thread about the Portinus culture, which is connected to the Mind element and holds movement and ideas in high regard. The thread goes into their general mindset, cultural clothing and color preferences, and their penchant for creative, criminal, or buccaneering pursuits.

Finally, the devs took a moment to showcase Instant Terra, a land creation tool that lets the devs procedurally generate a great diversity of terrains and geographies following rules and parameters they establish. The thread notes that the tool has been in use for about a year, and while the devs are still learning how best to apply its use to the game, it ultimately is being lauded as a way to create the world of Semisus faster and easier than ever before.

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