Official Site: RuneScape
Studio: Jagex Games Studio
Launch Date: January 4, 2001
Genre: Fantasy Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Browser

Old School RuneScape outlines plans for skilling adjustments as part of its ‘Project Rebalance’ effort

Jagex looks to be in a big sweeping changes mood. Hot on the heels of RuneScape's combat updates, the studio is now looking to...

Jagex co-founder announces Brighter Shores MMO, launching free-to-play in Q3 2024

It would be pretty amusing if after all those mis-fires with new games, the next Jagex MMO actually comes from someone who left Jagex...

Old School RuneScape applies quality-of-life for Forestry, last man standing, collection UI, and achievements

This week's update for Old School RuneScape is less about adding anything new and more about making what exists better, with a full-throated focus...

RuneScape releases its wide-reaching combat adjustments in today’s update

If you get into a fight or two in RuneScape today, it's probably going to feel a little bit different - and ideally a...
Sure, you get a nod this year.

RuneScape offers a deep-dive into its latest general combat improvements arriving March 4

When RuneScape put out its Necromancy skill, it did so alongside some specific combat updates that were so well-received by the playerbase that gamers...

Old School RuneScape shares additional details of undead pirates’ arrival to the Wilderness

The Wilderness zone of Old School RuneScape is looking to get a little more wild and smell a lot more like zombies and sea...

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs with interesting Guinness World Records

I never quite know how much stock to put in Guinness World Records. I guess it's somewhere between "for amusement value" and "stone cold...
Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape elevates its fight against botting, hits back against fake Varlamore leaks

Bots continue to be a constant source of conversation and presumption among the players of Old School RuneScape, particularly as Jagex made changes to...

Tamriel Infinium: Elder Scrolls Online proves the worth of a small story arc

It was the other day in Elder Scrolls Online's Northern Elsweyr that I stumbled upon a disgraced rogue that used to run a pit...

Old School RuneScape once again assures players that it is fighting bots as Defender of Varrock returns

Jagex would have probably liked this week in Old School RuneScape to be primarily focused on the updated release of its Defender of Varrock...

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs stop making us heroes?

The other day I was watching a rather excellent 40-minute video of a RuneScape player who dived head-first into all of the versions of...

RuneScape cleans up quest requirements while adding Necromancy dyes

We hope that none of you are reading the latest news about the RuneScape update for this week via dictation. Otherwise you will be...

Old School RuneScape updates Barbarian training and applies final Forestry tweaks

Whether you're chopping trees as part of leveling up the Forestry skill or following the multi-discipline path of Barbarian training, the most recent update...

Tombstone is a 2-D pixel art MMO set in a western futuristic post-apocalypse set to release this year

Last December one of the MMOs You've (Probably) Never Heard Of that we covered was Tombstone MMO, a pixel art 2-D MMO where players...

The Daily Grind: Do any old MMORPGs provoke trauma for you?

A while back I fell down a rabbit hole digging into Blade and Soul NEO Classic (trying to figure out whether the NEO was...

RuneScape adds a new quest and a flash event, Old School RuneScape finishes Poll 80 updates

Are you among those in RuneScape who are hoping to face off against the Wildywyrm monster more frequently? Then you're probably happy to note...

RuneScape’s Jagex confirms it’s being sold for the fourth time in eight years as it talks up ‘forever games’

Rumors from earlier this week that suggested RuneScape company Jagex was once again for sale have now been proven correct, thanks to a formal...
Dead impact.

RuneScape’s Jagex is apparently being sold yet again, this time to a private equity firm for over $1B

Stop me if you've heard this one: RuneScape company Jagex is for sale yet again. Back in September, we first caught the rumor that Jagex's...

Old School RuneScape adds Desert Treasure II and Scurrius cheevos, previews Varrock and Varlamore rewards

It's yet another set of granular updates and upcoming content previews for Old School RuneScape, with Jagex bringing new achievements to earn for existing...

Old School RuneScape summons Scurrius the Rat King in its latest patch

"Something utterly horrible, an abomination beyond our wildest nightmares, is lurking in Varrock Sewers. It calls itself... Scurrius, the Rat King." Thus opens the...