RuneScape-inspired Brighter Shores plans AFK character advancement


Ever since hearing how one of Jagex’s co-founders is bringing a cozy RuneScape-like MMO to us later this year, we’ve been keenly interested to hear any details about what Brighter Shores will offer. Interestingly enough, this skill-based title has a system baked into it to allow for characters to progress in activities even while players are logged out of the game.

This system is designed to combat the plague of bots that infest games and give players a safe and legitimate way to grind up skills that bore them. So when you log out of the game, you can tell your character to keep on doing a certain activity and it will — although the devs say that this advancement will be slower than when you’re online.

“A lot of the reason people, in my opinion, use things like bots is sheer frustration about the grind,” Andrew Gower told PC Gamer. “We’re hoping that massively disincentivizes people from breaking the rules, there’s a safe way that isn’t gonna get you banned.”

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