RuneScape maps out Group Ironman, new bosses, new quests, and new seasonal events for the rest of 2024


Jagex has just completed its 2024 roadmap reveal livestream for RuneScape, and even though we’re only just entering the middle part of the year, the studio has a whole lot of things planned across the upcoming months.

Starting in July, players can look forward to an all-new boss dungeon encounter within the Sanctum of Rebirth. This upcoming delve will see teams of up to four players face multiple bosses back-to-back, while rewards for the victorious include a new upgrade item and new magical dual-wield weapons.

Later in the year, players can expect two new story quests that continue the Requiem for a Dragon arc, a new skilling boss that promises to be for those who aren’t combat-focused, and the launch of a new Group Ironman mode in autumn. The rest of the year will be rounded out with new and updated seasonal events to mark summer, Halloween, and Christmas. The full roadmap can be clicked below for the broad-strokes look at what’s next.

Meanwhile, the MMORPG’s latest weekly update brings some new visual options to make interactable items easier to see and begins another double XP weekend event on May 17th, while the newsletter talks up the release of the first of three new novels, with a second one scheduled for November 5th.

sources: press releases, official site
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