Old School RuneScape opens a new region with new quests in Varlamore Part One


It’s time to explore Varlamore, which has opened its door to Gielinor. This new golden shore is available forevermore for Old School RuneScape players galore, with quests (or chores), activities to try for, and rewards by the score.

This new region offers up the next step in the wider Varlamore quest line, which is primarily about introducing players to the island and its attractions. Those attractions include a Colosseum with challenging wave survival gameplay, activities for Hunters in the appropriately named Hunters’ Guild, opportunities for Thieving players to pick some fat pockets, new Mining activities, and a dungeon delve built around mid-level players.

As one might expect, there’s plenty of updates to read over for this new area’s opening in newsletter, patch notes, or video format, so fans will probably want to take a moment and brush up before heading out.

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