Guild Wars 2 releases more profession balancing tweaks as players offer to train noobs to raid


Guild Wars 2’s patch this week is such a hodgepodge of tweaks and bufferonis that we hardly know where to begin. It touches on graphics, load times, item converters, April Fools’ day events, reviving, the Amnytas meta event, PvP cheevos, and WvW; there are even welcome nerfs to Temple of Febe challenge mode.

But the bulk of changes come in the form of opaque balance changes flagged as “balance update preview“: It’s actually kind of a lot of nerfs for Rangers, Elementalists, Necromancers, and Mesmers, though if you play a Holosmith (*raises hand*) or Revenant you’ll walk away happy. The Thief also swings back into the buff direction.

And in other Guild Wars 2 news, the GW2 community is coming together at the end of month to organize a raid training event for players who are new to raiding and strike missions. “This is an event where our communities come together and organise a huge number of accessible training runs for complete beginners while opening up our communities to everyone, stripping away many of our usual training requirements and even allowing anyone to organise their own trainings with us,” the group says. The Reddit thread has a full recap of how you can join in!

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