RuneScape cancels summer event in favor of permanent content, OSRS tweaks undead pirates and more


Summer is cancelled. No, we’re not just saying that because we don’t handle the heat very well; we’re saying that the large new summer event that RuneScape was working on has been completely cancelled in order for Jagex to focus its efforts on more permanent content.

This mid-development shift in strategy is in response to feedback from players who want to see more new things to do that aren’t available only during a limited time or seasonally. As a result, the months of May and June will see two Game Jam prototypes – a Rex Matriarch boss fight and a new Archaeology dig site – arrive to the game instead. That’s not to suggest that all summertime festivities will be eliminated – the Beach location will make a return in June – but the larger summer event is nixed.

As for Old School RuneScape, the team is continuing to discuss its Project Rebalance adjustments, this time with a focus on items and combat: Upcoming changes affect items like the Occult Necklace, the Voidreaper, and the Elder Maul, while more general tweaks are planned for minimum hit, early-game combat prayers, and the end of auto-cast delay for spells.

Meanwhile, this week’s OSRS update makes some adjustments to the undead pirates that are assaulting the Wilderness that fixes several specific bugs and moves a couple of clue steps out of the Wilderness agility course.

sources: RuneScape site, OSRS site (1, 2)
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