Myth of Empires plans to launch region-free PvP season servers starting on May 25


What’s better than a regular server? A season server! Presumably, anyway! PvP-loving players of Myth of Empires who feel that way can look forward to their own PvP global season servers soon, with Season 1 arriving on Saturday, May 25th, and running until July 29th.

These upcoming servers will be region-free and feature the promise of “faster growth and less grind,” mechanical changes like tougher buildings and lowered siege engine damage that will gradually ease over time, and a rebalancing of weapons and siege equipment. Along the way, players and guilds can rake in season points that can be traded in for rewards along with the ability to choose one hero and one mount to keep for use in the following season.

To celebrate the looming arrival of these PvP season servers, players can take advantage of weekend-long proficiency boosts to both characters and warriors on Classic Era, New Era, and Jade Era servers from now until May 20th. Otherwise interested fans of the survivalbox can read up all of the salient details here.

source: Steam
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